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Brighter Choice Community School
Does your child have any allergies?
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Enrollment & TuitioN

World Explorers offers a sliding scale tuition model for Brighter Choice Community School Families. If your household income is below 80K annually, you are eligible for a reduced tuition rate according to the table in this application. Please upload proof of your family's income as indicated to verify your request for a reduced tuition rate. Acceptable proof of income includes the first page of your 2021 tax return for your child's legal guardians. You may pay your tuition in full or enroll in our automatic monthly payment plan by making a 10% deposit at registration. Prorated tuition is available for late registrations.

Choose your enrollment schedule:
Select the days of the week your child will be attending the program

We offer a sliding scale tuition model for the BCCS Community.  

If your family is experiencing housing instability, has a family member who is incarcerated, and/or is experiencing a financial crisis, you may be eligible for additional scholarship funds which will allow your child to attend the Explorers after school program. Please complete the SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION by August 21, 2023.

World Explorers offers a 5% tuition discount for families who opt to pay in full for the full year or trimester.

This tuition discount is applied to Explorers direct programs and does not apply to the teacher-led electives.


As Guardian #1, please list the main contact person for things related to the daily routine of your child.

Terms & Permissions

-Afterschool Adventures requires payment in full or enrollment in our automatic monthly flex-payment program at the time of enrollment. Payment is due for your registered days despite your family’s attendance or scheduled closings. There are no refunds for afterschool tuition. If there is no 60-day written notice given prior to your departure from the program, the entire amount due for the remaining registered tuition through the end of the school year will be charged to the parent/guardian. Afterschool Adventures reserves the right to collect all fees due and any collection and/or legal fees will be charged to the parent in the event of debt collection and/or report said indebtedness to the credit bureau and/or military command. Afterschool Adventures runs as scheduled per your school’s annual calendar from September through June. 


- I understand that late payments will be assessed a $25 fee. If your payments fall more than 2 months behind, your child may lose their space in Afterschool Adventures.

- I may submit a schedule change using the Schedule Change Request Form provided space is available. For an increase in days, payment is due for the increase in tuition fees upon registration. For families who have enrolled in the payment plan, additional tuition fees will be added to your payment plan. Written notice of 60-days must be given for a decrease in enrollment. 

- A $35 NSF fee will be assessed if my check is returned by the bank. If I have 2 NSF checks within a 6 month period, I will be required to pay by Certified Check, money order, or credit card. 

- I understand that I must pick my child up on time at dismissal. Should I arrive late, I will be assessed late fees as outlined in the Enrollment Guide payable the following payment date. ​

- I have read and understand the head lice policy included in the Enrollment Guide and will report lice infestation of any member of my family to the director immediately.  

- I have read and understand the COVID-19 Addendum & Safety Guidelines outlined by  Afterschool Adventures. I will comply with all screening, health checks, daily reporting, and safety policies as required. 

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