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Step 1

Does your child have any food allergies?
Does your child carry an Epi-pen?

Families who register early and make their selection for the full year have the best chances of ensuring their desired teacher-led electives and after school program schedule. Please choose your trimester and days of attendance , even if you are enrolling in only teacher-led electives.

Choose your enrollment schedule:
Choose your weekly attendance schedule:

Step 2

if you are enrolling just one child skip this step

Does your child have food allergies?
Does your child carry an Epi-pen?

We offer a 10% sibling discount for each additional sibling enrolled in the same trimester or full year of after school.

The sibling discount is applied to Explorers direct programs and does not apply to the teacher-led electives.

Are you enrolling a sibling on the same schedule?
Choose sibling enrollment schedule:
Choose sibling weekly attendance schedule:

Step 3


We offer a sliding scale tuition model for the PS9 Community.  

If your family is experiencing housing instability, has a family member who is incarcerated, and/or is experiencing a financial crisis, you may be eligible for additional scholarship funds which will allow your child to attend the Explorers after school program. Please complete the SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION by August 21, 2023.

World Explorers offers a 5% tuition discount for families who opt to pay in full for the full year or trimester.

This tuition discount is applied to Explorers direct programs and does not apply to the teacher-led electives.

Step 4

GUARDIAN #1 (Main Contact)

As Guardian #1, please list the main contact person for things related to the daily routine of your child.


Step 5


World Explorers After School Adventures requires payment in full or enrollment in our automatic monthly flex-payment program at the time of enrollment for your desired trimester(s) or full year. A 5% tuition discount will be applied to payments in full for trimesters or the full year. Payment is due for your registered days despite your family’s attendance or scheduled DOE closings. 


Our annual and trimester program tuition is reflective of the annual or trimester attendance schedule and not reflective of monthly or weekly days of attendance in any given school month. As some months have less or more school days or holidays, we calculate our program tuition as an annual or trimester whole and then divide it into monthly payments regardless of the days of attendance in a given school calendar month.There are no refunds for after school tuition. World Explorers offers two add/drop registration periods for the upcoming trimesters December 1-15 (for Winter/Spring) and March 1-15 (for Spring)


World Explorers reserves the right to collect all fees due and any collection and/or legal fees will be charged to the parent in the event of debt collection and/or report said indebtedness to the credit bureau and/or military command. World Explorers After School Adventures runs as scheduled per your school’s annual calendar from September through June. 

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