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You made our summer shine!

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

You had a choice on where to send your child this summer, and you chose your Explorers family! Thank you for allowing us to serve your children this summer. We enjoyed getting to know each of them as we dug our heels deeply into our city's culture, parks, and adventures. We consider your patronage an honor and a privilege, and we look forward to serving your family in the future.

While we are grateful for all of the moments that make camp special like meeting new friends, learning new subway routes, and enjoying frozen treats on Fridays, the following highlights will go down in the Explorers record books for Summer 2022

  • When the kids had the opportunity to help kick off our Lady Liberty players at Barclays Center with on-court game day high fives!

  • When we walked among the dinosaurs at Bronx Zoo to discover the fascinating history of these ancient giants and how they compare with the animals that we can still see in our waking world!

  • When we ordered a record number of delicious kids meals at Dinosaur BBQ for an epic summer camp lunch experience in the heart of Gowanus!

  • When we spent the week under the stars and exploring the vast cosmos that ended with a trip to Hayden Planetarium to bring astrophysics to life!

There is nothing more inspiring than being present for the aha moment of a young learner. This year, we served countless aha moments to 287 campers ages 2-12 as we used New York City's diverse neighborhoods as our classroom, and it was absolutely worth every single second of our camp days.

No summer is like the last, and we look forward to exploring with you for future summers. Please know that you don't have to be a stranger during the school year! Our team welcomes your family to join us all year long for fun family events, (we are bringing back Bey Blade Tournaments & weekend drop-off programs), afterschool programs and classes, and our school break camp itinerary of Extreme Adventure bus trips and Extreme Chill in-house school break days.

We look forward to welcoming you back soon.

Your partner in curiosity and adventure,

Kisha Edwards-Gandsy & the best team on the planet

Co-founder & CEO

World Explorers

*Below, please find a few of my favorite pics of our summer adventures as well as a note from 3 of our camp leaders. ❤️ #ittakesavillage

From Ms. Meliah:

"This summer I learned that it really does take a village to raise a child. Every worker here gave their all to ensuring that all campers had the best summer ever. This summer I enjoyed playing in the water playground with the explorers, and I enjoyed sharing funny jokes and groovy dance moves.

Something I look forward to for next summer is seeing campers from the previous summer older and forming connections with new campers. Every child is truly unique and watching them flourish and make connections with people around them is always an amazing thing to witness."

From Mr. Curt:

"This summer I learned how to listen to everything everyone has to say. Everyone's story is unique to them.

This summer I enjoyed exploring and learning new things with the campers. The campers make you see life through a different lens. Lastly, this summer I shared experiences. Whether it was something I went through or just listening to someone else's, I truly loved that. A goal I look forward to next year is making the experience for everyone involved as an Explorer memorable every day. Memories are the one thing that can't be taken from us; create as many of them as you can."

From Mrs. Tahirah:

"This summer, I learned simplicity. Sometimes our explorers just like to keep things simple. The kids aren't into the big flashy details; they just want a simple fun filled day with their friends. This summer, I enjoyed seeing the staff and campers create new bonds with each other. To me, summer camp has always been about meeting new people and learning new things that will impact our lives. As a leader, this summer I shared tips and tricks to get through a long summer day. Something I look forward to next summer is creating another safe and fun camp experience for our Explorer families and staff."


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